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Ways To Relish The Wonderful Taste Of Acai Berries

By Alice Right
Acai berries have been in the news a lot. Some people swear by them as a health aid, some think they are a miracle cure for weight loss. Whatever the claims, one thing is certain, they are a purple berry that is indigenous to the Amazon rain forest. For many years the natives have used the acai berry for food.

The fruit first came to prominence when it was used in tablet form as a weight loss aid. The product has many different uses other than as a pill. It can be used in whole form or juiced to create a refreshing drink. However, the tablet form is still one of the most poplar, this is because the fruit goes off quickly after harvesting so it needs to be processed quickly.

Apparently, if you mix chocolate with berries, that is similar to how the acai berry tastes. Like any fruit, it can be used in conjunction with other foods. Some have added it to salads as a dressing, while others have used it whole in salads. When juiced, it can be used as a type of sauce, which can be poured over fruit desserts and even cheesecakes.

A great way to introduce the taste of the berry to kids is by adding them to milk. Aside from milkshakes, there’s the added option of putting them in sorbets or even ice cream. You can experiment with the fruit and use it in the same way that cranberries are used for cooking. Maybe, as with cranberries, they can be added to pork dishes or turkey or chicken. Many have reported that marinating the meat in the juice really enhances the flavor.

The acai berry is versatile enough to be used in alcoholic drinks, specifically, cocktails. The berry can be used fresh of frozen and blended with any cocktail recipe that calls for fruit. A little juice can be added to water too to make a refreshing and nutritious soft drink. Make sure you add just a little bit of the fruit to a drink, just to be sure it is to your taste.

Those who like a cup of coffee in the morning can enhance the flavor by adding a little juice. The amount of juice added to the cup can be adjusted according to taste, with sugar added if it isn’t sweet enough. The added nutrients in the berries, and the caffeine on the coffee, may well be the pick me up that’s needed for a day at work.

What you may not have known is that the acai berry is packed full of nutrition, just a lot of other fruits. It has lots of B-vitamins, as well as beta-carotene and copper. This alone might make it a great accompaniment to your usual breakfast. Try putting the fruit in cereal or drinking the juice with your usual breakfast.

Acai berries have been linked to relieving all manner of ailments, though nothing has been definitively proven yet. One thing is sure. The fruit packs a lot of antioxidants and is very nutritious. The only way of finding out how useful the berry can be for you is by adding it to your diet.

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Ways To Relish The Wonderful Taste Of Acai Berries

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