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Fwd: Basics On Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce

By Jerri Perry
Ghost pepper, also known by the name of Bhut Jolokia, is a an hybrid cultivated in the region of India. More specifically, this interspecific pepper is found in the states of Assam and Nagaland. There are various uses for this pepper, one of which is cooking. Several manufacturers produce a ghost pepper hot sauce that is considered among the hottest when it comes to condiments.

Guinness World Records awarded this the title of the hottest chili pepper in the year 2007. The title was assigned to Trinidad Moruga Scorpion in 2012 and the following year, the title was taken over by the Carolina Reaper. Nonetheless, this is still believed to be approximately four hundred times the heat of Tabasco sauce.

This sauce is used in a lot of different food dishes to give heat. It is commonly applied to dishes such as pickles, curries and churneys. It can also be added for its distinct flavor. Many times it is included with pork, or fermented or dried fish. Those who do not like foods with spice or that have a hot flavor may not like this. The condiment may not be suited for babies or young children.

There are different kinds of hot sauces with this pepper. Some may feature just Bhut Jolokia, while others might incorporate other kinds. This condiment may be made with pepper as the base and other ingredients, such as salt and vinegar added for taste. Other versions may use vegetables and fruits for the base, adding the chili peppers in for the heat.

A lot of techniques may be employed when it comes to processing this. Whether the sauce is aged in a container, or cooked and pureed to get ingredients to get the correct flavor, these differences in preparation can change the final product. Heat rating that is given to ghost and habanero kinds make them a common ingredient in the hottest of sauces. Still, other things can be added to give extra heat, for example: spices, mustard oil, vinegar and capsaicin extract. Ingredients are expected to differ by product.

The price of these sauces will differ based on many factors, including the manufacturer and the seller. Usually these are sold at grocery stores, but certain brands may only be available in special stores. Many of the sauces are also available through online shops. In either case, consumers are encouraged to look over reviews and other information from the manufacturer regarding serving size and usage.

Consuming this will give people different physical reactions. Some individuals may have more tolerance for the heat and others might struggle more with it. Typically people who add this to recipe only incorporate a small amount so that the heat is not too much to tolerate. Still, people may find themselves, sweating or coughing in response to the heat from the sauce.

Ghost pepper hot sauce is among the hottest condiments that exists. This is available through many different manufacturers. People who use this sauce in food recipes are encouraged to add a small amount and keep it away from sensitive people, such as children.

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Fwd: Basics On Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce

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