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Carthage Functional Neurology Chiropractor Offers Spinal Decompression Therapy

By Jeferson Tuyor
When seeking help for issues that originate in their neck, many individuals seek the help of a Carthage Functional Neurology chiropractor. This professional is able to offer a nonsurgical kind of spinal decompression that brings help for such injuries. The FDA approved method offers greater safety than surgery. It makes use of a special table to apply force to the neck resulting in health improvements.

The equipment used in this therapy provides gentle stretches to the patient’s neck followed by periods where it is allowed to relax. The process causes a vacuum inside the targeted discs. The vacuum has many benefits and may allow the injured area to begin to heal. Healing of such injured tissues is the key to diminishing one’s pain.

The system works particularly well when used with herniated or bulging discs. The stretching of the spine slowly draws the matter that has leaked from the center of the disc back to a normal position. This relieves pressure from nerve roots and helps to reduce symptoms, including pain. The change takes place in microscopic amounts, but it adds together during four to six weeks to cause beneficial health changes, resolving associated symptoms.

The cycle of decompression and relaxation also causes fluids containing oxygen and nutrients to be drawn into the disc and waste material to be expelled. The nutrients provide raw materials for healing. As the disc heals, the bulging and other symptoms are relieved.

With this type of therapy provided by a chiropractic doctor, patients lie on their back. The neck is supported with rubber pads fitted behind it. Most patients tolerate the therapy quiet well and may find it very comfortable. Some are able to nap as the special table and computer do their work.

A Carthage functional neurology chiropractor uses non-surgical spinal decompression as therapy to restore health to patients with problems in the cervical spine. The gentle care is often helpful at improving one’s health. It offers a conservative, noninvasive method of restoring health to the human body.

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Carthage Functional Neurology Chiropractor Offers Spinal Decompression Therapy

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