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Fwd: Actual Reasons Why Pure Coconut Water Is Good For Those Who Like To Lose Weight

By Eliza Mendoza
It’s no secret that pure coconut water has so many health benefits to offer. While it has been enjoyed in tropical regions of the world as a refreshing beverage for so many years now, it’s only recently that it became popular internationally courtesy of some celebrities. Many also claim that it’s something that should be taken regularly by those who want to lose weight.

It’s important to know that many of the things said about the beverage are true. However, others are merely hypes. With numerous manufacturers jumping on the bandwagon these days to cash in on the beverage adored by health-conscious people, all sorts of marketing ploys will surely be utilized. When it comes to weight loss, sadly, a lot of baseless claims had been said.

Definitely, taking this liquid alone won’t make your dream figure become a reality. Without proper diet and regular exercise, two things necessary for an effective weight loss, don’t expect to see impressive results as guaranteed by some so-called fitness experts. The good news is choosing to drink the beverage can help you get in shape, but not in the purported magical way.

An 8 oz glass of this liquid contains less than 50 calories. Compared to other fruit juices, coconut water definitely has fewer calories that weight watchers are trying to count and dodge. By choosing to take this refreshing beverage instead of any other freshly squeezed options out there, an individual may find it easier to stay within the allowed daily caloric intake.

Although the liquid is low in calories, it is high in electrolytes. Electrolytes are minerals consisting of molecules that are electrically charged. They are vital for various bodily functions. This beverage is packed with more potassium than the fruit well-known for it, banana. Also present are sodium, magnesium, calcium, and tiny amounts of zinc and phosphorous.

Because of the electrolytes present, it makes the body hydrated more effectively. Dehydration is something that’s bad for all, most especially for someone who wants to turn his or her dream figure into a reality. When the body is lacking in fluids, the metabolism decelerates. This will only make it harder to lose weight as the rate of burning calories is slowed down.

It’s a good idea for those who regularly hit the gym or work out at home or elsewhere to opt for this beverage instead of the usual sports drinks. It’s true that those popular fitness companions can effectively replenish fluids lost through sweating. However, aside from electrolytes, these products are also loaded with sugars that replace all the calories already burned.

A serving of pure coconut water contains few calories and a small amount of fat only. Look for a local grocery shop selling young coconuts so you may enjoy the all-natural liquid in the cavity inside. You may also opt for those that are boxed or bottled. However, make sure that you read the label before you put them in your shopping cart. That’s because many of them contain added sugars and all sorts of chemicals, most especially those that are flavored.

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Fwd: Actual Reasons Why Pure Coconut Water Is Good For Those Who Like To Lose Weight

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