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The Importance Of Drug Testing In Beckley WV

By Marissa Velazquez
Drugs have devastating effects on businesses, and if workers are not prevented from using these substances, they can cause many problems. Businesses can reduce the risks associated with drugs use by consulting the services of drug testing in Beckley WV. A comprehensive drugs testing program is needed to help businesses know who are using the substances and how to stop that behaviour.

Employees who use drugs risk being involved in work related accidents. If an employee operates a machine or drives a company car while intoxicated with alcohol or other drugs substances, this could lead to accidents. Personal injuries in workplace bring about increased costs through compensations.

This is especially so in the first time of transferring workers to the new positions. Randomized tests can surprise workers when they are performed, and these are the best deterrent techniques to the problem of substance abuse. If you device a test program which is done randomly without the knowledge of workers, they always ensure that they do not use drugs because they do not know when the tests will be done.

Substance abuse also contributes to reduced productivity where employee concentration on tasks and duties is reduced. After using drugs, workers tend to lose concentration on their tasks, something that may not only cause accidents but also reduce their level of productivity. In other times, the workers absent themselves from work, which means the employer does not get optimal workforce performance.

If there is a reasonable suspicion of use of substances in workplace, the employer can call for an impromptu testing, which is not based on the random programs. When an employer suspects that a certain employee could be using drugs, then there is no need to wait further as this may present many risks. It is better to deal with the problem in advance rather than waiting for mistakes or disasters to occur.

Onsite testing reduces the monkey business of cheating especially where workers can fake the results by using substances to cleanse their bodies of drugs before they are tested. The on premise tests eliminate the chances of cheating on results. When workers travel to laboratory facilities for tests, they are likely to indulge in canning or trickery behaviours to try to fake results.

Drugs tests on employees reduce the number of sick days or leave, which arise due to effects of the substances. Business owners and the management team should make plans to implement a testing procedure, which is cost effective but also produces the desired results. Although it is not mandatory to test workers, some businesses are required to do so especially employees in the transport industry who hold safety sensitive positions such as truck drivers, and public bus drivers.

Employees, employers and operators who do safety sensitive functions in mass transit, railroad, trucking, aviation and pipeline industries are mandated to facilitate drugs tests routines to prevent substance abuse. Businesses should consider drug testing in Beckley WV in order to minimize liabilities in workplace. The technicians can help develop tests programs that suit the needs of a business. The tests may be performed on premises or the workers can travel to laboratory facilities but each method has its own pros and cons.

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The Importance Of Drug Testing In Beckley WV

Drug Testing In Beckley WV, The Importance Of Drug Testing In Beckley WV

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