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Fwd: Make A Decision To Eat Healthy Bagels

By Jerri Perry
Many people love eating bagels and there is no harm in this, provided healthy bagels are selected. Unfortunately, not many people realize just how many calories they are consuming when they eat a large bagel made with refined flour and sugar and topped with cream cheese or bacon and egg. This is not only causes weight problems but may other health problems like heart disease as well. Fortunately, as more people become aware of this, healthier options are becoming readily available.

These ring shaped baked goods are usually made with ingredients like flour, water, a raising agent, sugar and salt. However, their popularity has lead to many different varieties being offered, some of which are extremely unhealthy. A plain whole grain bagel is obviously much better for your health than a large cinnamon and raisin one with chocolate chips added.

The health benefits of a large cinnamon and raisin bagel with chocolate chips cannot compared with a small plain, whole grain one. Some suppliers offer ones made with completely organic products, using only ingredients like organic whole spelt flour, filtered water, sea salt and adding no sweeteners or sodium. There are even high protein and gluten free varieties available.

Switching to a whole grain bagel is an obvious choice. Whole grains are an excellent source of fiber which keeps the digestive system running smoothly. It digests slowly, making one feel full for a longer period and giving plenty of energy. Grains also contain far more nutrients like minerals and vitamins than refined flour. For example, a multigrain bagel may contain flax seeds, a source of essential Omega 3 fats and sunflower seeds, a source of magnesium, selenium and vitamin E.

Even if a whole grain bagel is selected, it is still important to know what other ingredients it contains. Some products have a large quantity of added sugar or other sweeteners which can cause serious health problems. They may also contain quite high levels of sodium which is not good for those with high blood pressure problems.

It is much better to opt for a smaller size bagel if you do not want to pick up weight. The larger sizes are loaded with calories and high in carbohydrates. If refined flour is used, these carbohydrates metabolize speedily and one is inclined to feel hungry sooner and therefore eat more. Eating more carbohydrates than are burned means that they are stored as fat. Many suppliers offer smaller sizes today as part of their range.

The selection of toppings is also important when considering health. Those that are high in saturated fat, like butter and cream cheese should be avoided. Sugary toppings also need to be avoided. There are many other toppings like fresh fruit, low-fat peanut butter and low-fat cream cheese that are acceptable.

In selecting healthy bagels, it is important to know what ingredients have gone into making them. This is why eating those bought from a bakery can be tricky. Supermarkets and online stores selling these items have to list ingredients on packaging. Reading these ingredient lists offers one the option of selecting those with the highest nutritional content.

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Fwd: Make A Decision To Eat Healthy Bagels

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