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Fwd: The Versatility Of Halal Rations

By Jerri Perry
One thing that all people need is food. No matter what their ethnicity, religion or language, they need to eat in order to survive. However, it’s not always possible to prepare a meal right there and then. With halal rations, Muslim people can have a quick and nutritious meal or snack simply by opening a ration pack.

The military invented and most often uses ration packs. These prepackaged meal-and-snack combinations are portable and light, making them perfect for soldiers who have to walk long distances. They usually contain enough sustenance for a whole day, with proper meals, energy drinks and snacks. The items are packaged in such a way that they’re easy to open without special tools and sometimes there’s even a chemical tablet that will help heat the contents of a can.

In Islam, there are certain foods that are forbidden. They include pork, blood, alcohol and any products derived from these, such as certain types of gelatin or black pudding. Islamic law calls food that is allowed ‘halal’ and these foods should be prepared separately from other meals so that there won’t be any contamination with, for instance, blood.

Halal ration packs, like regular packs, contain meals as well as snacks. However, everything these packs contain is allowable in Islam. It is a given that none of the main meals will contain any pork and that all meat products come from a Muslim butchery. In addition, snacks such as candy or energy bars don’t contain any gelatin derived from pigs.

There are several reasons why the military is so fond of ration packs for troops on the battlefield. There is no time to cook during combat situations and there probably won’t be any facilities either. In fact, making a fire for preparing food can be a deadly mistake because this will tell the enemy exactly what your position is. Military ration packs often contain heating tablets that work with chemicals to boil water or to heat a can of food even in a cramped shelter.

Ration packs have proven incredibly useful in other situations too, not only in battle. After a natural disaster, for instance, the first response is to find and rescue any survivors and there won’t be time or human resources for setting up a kitchen and preparing meals. Ration packs can be flown in easily and will provide sustenance for the relief workers and the victims alike. In a multicultural world, there will probably be Muslims among both groups and they will require special meals.

You don’t have to be in the military or the victim of some kind of disaster to see the benefits of a ration pack. Prepackaged meals are also perfect for hiking, camping and other outdoor pursuits. Some people even take these packs with them when they attend outdoor festivals.

Stores that sell supplies for outdoor pursuits often stock prepackaged meals but you may have to check whether they will have halal rations too. If they don’t, they can order these or you can go online and order them yourself. Sometimes you may also be able to buy them from military surplus stores.

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Fwd: The Versatility Of Halal Rations

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