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Completing HHA Classes In The Bronx Is The First Step Toward A Career In Home Healthcare

By Marissa Velazquez
Home health aides help patients who are mentally or physically impaired. They also help older men and women with various daily living activities. In certain regions, aides working in this capacity may be allowed to assist clients with tasks such as taking medications, as long as these duties are completed under a qualified nurse’s supervision, or the supervision of another licensed medical practitioner. Those who want to work in this field must have the appropriate training, and individuals pursuing such employment are wise to compare different HHA classes in the Bronx and select the course that best matches their needs.

Although the necessary skills required of home health aides may vary depending on the state where one works, the federal government mandates certain requirements. An example of the latter is the eighty hours of hands-on training that prospective aides must complete. In addition, an exam must be taken to test the individual’s competency in the state where he or she plans to seek employment.

Curriculum varies from one training program to the another. However, most classes include practical skills training, meal preparation, infection control, anatomy and physiology, and physical therapy principles. Meditation procedures are sometimes included in such courses as well, as are privacy laws and patients’ rights.

Certain programs of this type are available together with CNA training classes. This makes it possible for one to train for both types of employment consecutively. Such courses are always advantageous, no matter what kind of career one plans to pursue.

One may also choose to pursue courses online; however, hands-on training is still essential if the person wants to become certified as a home health aide. Extra courses are regularly available, many of which are regarded as continuing education programs. It is easy to enroll in such classes online.

A two thirds percent increase in employment opportunities for home health aides is anticipated throughout the year 2018, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. This increase is significantly higher than the average job growth associated with the general work force. The higher demand is likely because of the fact that more elderly individuals are opting to remain in their own dwellings, rather than relocating to nursing homes.

Many men and women use their training as a stepping stone to a nursing career or some other career path in the field of healthcare. However, some individuals plan to pursue home healthcare as their primary employment over the course of a lifetime. This decision is largely a matter of one’s personal objectives and plans for the future.

The minimum education most schools require is a high school diploma. Such requirements, however, may vary from one program to the next. Prior to enrolling in a particular course, prospective students are wise to find out all they can about such details.

When searching for HHA classes in the Bronx, prospective home health aides should select the course that best matches their individual needs and career goals. Shopping around before choosing a program is always a good idea. Ultimately, prospective students who plan to work as home health care aides can expect excellent wages and steady employment.

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Completing HHA Classes In The Bronx Is The First Step Toward A Career In Home Healthcare

Home Healthcare, The First Step Toward A Career In Home Healthcare

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