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Fwd: Some Odd And Unusual Varieties Of Ice Cream

By Marquerite Velasquez
About 1.5 billion gallons of ice cream and other frozen dessert treats are produced every year, and this is according data from the International Dairy Foods Association. Vanilla is one of the top ice cream flavors, and this is true since most Americans love ice cream and this flavor. Chocolate flavors and some with mint chips are also favorites like vanilla but there are a few places offering truly unique ice cream flavor varieties You may not have heard some of these unique varieties but some are featured here.

Obviously, we have heard some wacky and wild names for ice cream flavors. Ben and Jerry’s has corned the market on funky monikers for their ice cream, starting with Cherry Garcia. However, their ice cream is stilled filled with fairly traditional ice cream ingredients and flavorings such as bits of cookies, cherries, chunks of chocolates and frozen pieces of bananas.

A kind of ice cream flavoring that may not be a top flavor option is garlic flavored ice cream. This is a flavor served at the annual Gilroy Garlic Festival in California and also in Saugerties, New York; this garlic flavored ice cream is served at their yearly festival of garlic. The Stinking Rose restaurant in San Francisco has served this unique flavored ice cream treat as well.

Bacon is also one which many people want to put in their treats like donuts and also ice cream. One can see bacon ice cream recipes on the internet, if one makes a search, and the popular chef Heston Blumenthal has featured a bacon-and-egg ice cream in his Michelin-star restaurant, The Fat Duck. Others have also their own flavored bacon ice creams, or their own versions using prosciutto rather than the American-style bacon.

Avocado is not something we typically associate with sweet food, but it is used in desserts in many countries around the world. Avocado ice cream can be found here and there, and many famous chefs such as Alton Brown and Rick Bayless have recipes for this unique cold treat.

If you are craving a fantastic ice cream treat, the Culver City ice cream shop YoKuMon can be your destination, and they offer all of the traditional flavors most of us enjoy. For just $2, you can enjoy their specialty, a gourmet ice cream sandwich. For this treat, the ice cream is placed between two homemade cookies, which the staff at YoKuMon makes fresh throughout the day. The cookies are freshly baked throughout the day and come in eight different flavors and you can pair them up with any flavor of ice cream. YoKuMon also sells shakes, sundaes or even Hawaiian-style shave ice at their shop in Culver City. YoKuMon is definitely the place to go if you are searching for ice cream in the Los Angeles area.

About the Author:

Marquerite Velasquez loves writing reviews on desserts. To find the best ice cream shop Culver City or to find about other popular desserts at Yo Ku Mon in Culver City, please visit their site today.

Fwd: Some Odd And Unusual Varieties Of Ice Cream

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