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Fwd: Low Carb Ideas For A Fulfilling Diet

By Jayne Rutledge
Of the 7 billion people or so in the world, more than 1 billion are overweight. Of these, almost half are classified as obese. Obesity is now officially regarded as an epidemic. If you carry more weight than what is healthy for you, it’s a good idea to shed some of those pounds. However, you probably already know that this is easier said than done, especially if you’re craving those carbs. With a few simple low carb ideas, it’s possible to get healthy again and to eat well at the same time.

It’s not carbs per se that make you fat. It’s the type of carbs that you eat. People who struggle with their weight often eat too many refined carbohydrates such as white flour and sugar. This can cause your blood sugar levels to plummet too quickly after a meal and you’ll feel hungry again. At the same time it can increase your risk of contracting diabetes. If you want to feel full for longer after a meal, you need protein and fats.

If you’re starving within an hour or two after eating your bowl of breakfast cereal, it’s because your breakfast didn’t include enough protein. Have something like eggs instead. Eggs are great because they’re so versatile and are a true power food. Get some fiber and vitamins by having huevos rancheros. A quick breakfast fix is also to hollow out a tomato or a bell pepper, break an egg into it and then to bake it. Vegans can try scrambled tofu instead.

Lunch and dinner is easy to keep low in carbs too. There are many things you can do with a piece of fish, a chicken breast or a steak. If you’re vegetarian or vegan, your options for quick and easy meals can seem more limited but they’re not really. Make a fragrant stir-fry with veggies and tofu or add some beans or garbanzos to a salad to give it more substance and protein.

There are wonderful ways to deal with feeling hungry in between meals. Raw veggies with hummus, cheese and jerky are just some. If you’re dying for some potato chips, try crunchy and salty parmesan or pepperoni crisps instead. Make nuts and seeds less bland by coating them in a bit of melted butter and spices.

If you have a sweet tooth but need to avoid carbs, you probably know all about munching on blueberries until you feel blue yourself. Luckily you don’t have to deprive yourself of chocolate. Just use dark chocolate instead because it’s lower in carbs. Sugar-free jellies are great too and if you crave cake, reduce its carb content by using almond or garbanzo flour.

While it’s good to stay away from refined carbs, you should also remember that balance is essential. Get enough fiber, for instance in the form of salads. Also regulate your cholesterol levels with good fats like those found in avocados. Limit your sodium intake too.

You’ll find thousands of low carb ideas online. The diet and cookery sections of your local bookstore or library will help too. Don’t underestimate your own creative abilities, though. Experiment and you won’t even realize you’re on a diet.

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Fwd: Low Carb Ideas For A Fulfilling Diet

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