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Fwd: Tips On Better Nutrition With Low Glycemic Snacks

By Jerri Perry
Adults and children eat low glycemic snacks for many reasons. Some people must have them due to medical conditions. Others choose to eat them because by doing so, they maintain a steady weight. Food like this is more slowly digested and because of that, you have a feeling of fullness for longer periods after you eat.

Hunger directly affects weight gain and it has even more of an impact when people are not eating healthily at mealtimes. Potato chips, bread and other food that is broken down easily by the body makes you put on weight fast. If you hope to avoid extra calories, boiled or mashed potatoes and yams are better because their GI is lower. High fiber carbohydrates may take hours to be processed by the digestive system.

A snack that takes a long time to be digested is perfect for a quick nibble. It leaves you feeling fuller and allows you to make it to to a full meal without adding a significant amount of calories to your daily intake. People who are watching their weight or are on strict caloric regimes because of athletic activities need to have handy items such as these available.

A spicy seed combination is easy to make at home and works well when you want a boost. Add pumpkin seeds, flax and toasted sunflower to these with spices you like. For example, a little soya sauce and salt go a long way. Just a bit of cumin or cayenne will make it zesty. If you like lots of heat, add even more of these spices.

Spiced apple crisps and other dried fruit are another good way to keep your stomach feeling full. You can easily make these at home in your oven. Slice apples thinly and add a little cinnamon powder to them to bring out the flavor. Spread them out on a baking tray and leave them in your oven for about an hour. Remove them when the slices have dried out and are golden brown.

Some people want low glycemic snacks because of their benefits but they are too busy or have other reasons why they cannot make them themselves. Online suppliers of quality foods like this can provide you with a wide selection of items to choose from. You can find what you want there in bulk. Local brick and mortar stores may offer this option as well.

Look out for fiber rich foods that lack unnecessary sugar. Veggies, cheese, hummus and nuts are good selections. Some of these may not work well for people with allergies or individuals who do not eat animal based products. The key is to select options that suit your lifestyle. For example, celery sticks, roasted vegetables, nut butter and sliced fruit and are good options for vegetarians.

Diabetics and people who battle with other health conditions have low glycemic snacks like nut nutrition bars, edamame, boiled eggs, cheese and hummus. This helps reduce their blood sugar levels. People who are trying to lose weight benefit by keeping excess sugar out of the blood too. In this way children and adults can have healthy, high energy foods.

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Fwd: Tips On Better Nutrition With Low Glycemic Snacks

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