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Why Sweets Craving Should Bother You

By James Spann
The more candies and cookies you take, the more you want. The feeling is even much stronger after meals in the afternoons and evenings. This is the sign of sweets craving which can either be emotional or just physical (habit). Which emotional craving are associated with fluctuating sugar levels in the body and the desire for additional serotonin in the body, the physical one is basically a family or personal habit that has developed overtime.

Sweet craving is often an indication of blood sugar fluctuation. In most cases, it starts with dropping of blood sugar in the body, where the body responds by sending signals for additional sugars to keep it at the optimal level. It may also be an indication of hypoglycemia particularly if it is a chronic condition. Whichever the case, it is very crucial that you are careful with your food choice to ensure that your blood sugar is balanced.

Like all other habits, it is not very easy to do away with this problem. The general solution however is to have lesser and lesser sweets as this will reduce cravings too. The big question is where to start from. Here are few of the tips that you can employ.

Since most of craving comes in the afternoon and after meals, a substitute would provide a better alternative. An evening with peppermint tea or a box of raisins for afternoons will be a better way of fighting desires for sugars. Fruits too are nutritious and easy to carry around making them a good alternative too. In case sweets must be part of the diet, then 100% natural sweets such as fruits juice and dried fruits will be the best alternatives.

It has been noticed that these feeling only last for minutes, and for this reason, most nutrition experts believe that it is best to buy your time out of craving. This may not be easy but if you get yourself occupied in the process, the feeling may pass without your notice. Other activities you can get to includes walking around, calling friends or other involving activities.

The other trick is to use goal setting and reward strategy. Getting through a day without a sugar treat is often very hard, and may require a reward so as to be able to hold on to it. Nevertheless, the achievement is often worth the reward. This is especially true and very practical because the mind is set to view the whole idea as a source of reward rather than an un-paying sacrifice.

Even if all the above tricks do not work, those who keep healthy snacks around them always have easier time in getting rid of too much sugars. Most of the people find it much harder driving to the nearest stores just for candies when the snacks box is well packed with sliced mangoes. A quick search over the internet will avail thousands of cheaper and effective alternatives. Additional tips are also readily available over the net.

As much as it would seem very difficult to manage sweets craving at first, patience and dedication is the way forward. The very begging is to understand the cause of your cravings particularly if it is a physical one and not emotional food sugar craving. With understanding the root cause, it is much easier to kick it off.

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Why Sweets Craving Should Bother You

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