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Fwd: Treat Your Guy With These Valentine Gift Ideas

By Elba Fenwick
While it might seem like Valentine’s Day is a special day just for her, the men in our lives deserve to be pampered as well. To make him feel loved and appreciated, it is a great idea to give him something cool on this international day of romance. Here are some guy-friendly suggestions perfect for Valentine’s Day.

For guys, it doesn’t get much better than enjoying a great pizza. For Valentine’s Day, though, mix it up a bit and present him with a gourmet chocolate pizza. These treats are handmade by Chocolate Pizza Company which places each finished pizza into cellophane and packs it into an actual pizza box. You can select a dark chocolate pizza, a milk chocolate pizza or perhaps a white chocolate pizza, whichever variety you think he will like best.

The crusts are formed from a mix of freshly made English toffee blended with milk or dark chocolate. The white chocolate pizzas are slightly different, as melted white chocolate is blended with dried cranberries and almonds. You can choose from a variety of interesting toppings and even pair up a pizza with a tub of Chocolate Pizza Company’s other signature treat, Peanut Butter Wings. These wings are made by blending potato chips and creamy peanut butter and then dipping this mix into either dark chocolate or milk chocolate. This is definitely a pizza and wing combo that your guy is sure to love.

Flowers might be an obvious choice for a lady, we don’t always think about ordering something from the local florist for a guy. There are many great manly options to consider, however, such as a cool bamboo plant or perhaps a bonsai tree. Some florists can create a little Zen garden that contains bamboo and succulent plants. Any of these options might look good on his office desk.

One gift that is both decorative and manly would be a watch, and cufflinks would be another good option. There are hundreds of different styles of watches to suit virtually any style, from a tailored businessman to an outdoor adventurer. Along those same lines, you can purchase cufflinks in a classic, simple style or go with a whimsical set of cufflinks featuring the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars or perhaps golf ball cufflinks or beer mug cufflinks.

Men have long loved tools and electronic gadgets, so these are always a solid gift choice. There are hundreds of phone and tablet accessories to consider, from awesome cases to solar chargers, speakers and high-end headphones. A new drill or tool set also might be a good idea, particularly for a younger guy who hasn’t had as many years to collect a good set of tools.

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Fwd: Treat Your Guy With These Valentine Gift Ideas

Treat Your Guy With These Valentine Gift Ideas, Fwd

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